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3 steps to begin Digital Transformation in your company

Surely it is already clear to you that the digital transformation of your business favors its continuity in the market, reduces costs, optimizes internal processes and even makes it easier to hire qualified personnel. It is a fact that you have no doubts that digitizing allows companies that work with you to feel safe and motivated, as well as your employees. But this process may sound complex and you surely wonder what it really means to digitize a company; this

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5 technologies you must know to optimize your business

It is currently difficult for companies to remain competitive in an environment that is constantly changing and updating, but implementing new technologies can keep them at the forefront and with great efficiency. These are 5 technologies that you must know to optimize your business:   Multicloud or hybrid Cloud Now we can all be sure of the benefits of the cloud; however, among the models of this, the hybrid is the favorite of many for its agility in addressing digital

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The Point of Sale System: your first step in the digital transformation

There is a lot of information about the high impact of point of sale systems in retail stores, but do you know what they are? It is a combination of software and hardware tools that allows business managers to perform daily transactions easily while retaining key information from the day-to-day operation. These systems simplify key business operations, also speed up the business process by automating manual tasks; they prepare sales reports and allow you to have stock control from an

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Are you losing customers despite your competitive prices? This could be the reason

Are you losing customers despite your competitive prices

If you are one of those who believe that the price of products or services is the factor that determines whether customers choose you or the competition, let us tell you that you could not be more wrong. Providing a quality service is even more important than the price. According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Forbes, 86% of people would pay more to receive a better service. According to this analysis, it is the poor quality of the

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