3 steps to begin Digital Transformation in your company

Surely it is already clear to you that the digital transformation of your business favors its continuity in the market, reduces costs, optimizes internal processes and even makes it easier to hire qualified personnel. It is a fact that you have no doubts that digitizing allows companies that work with you to feel safe and motivated, as well as your employees.
But this process may sound complex and you surely wonder what it really means to digitize a company; this is one of the main obstacles to achieve it. The lack of information on this subject can lead us to fall into myths about how expensive and difficult it is. However, we share the stages required in this process of digitalization of a company so that you realize that this is not the case.

First of all, you must define the digital business model that best suits your company, to also identify the objectives of it. This is achieved from two sub-stages: strategic digital innovation and modernization-simplification of processes. The first one seeks to rethink operations to ensure an attractive value proposition for customers; in the second, new processes and key processes are created to rethink your business.

Once you have determined these elements, you are ready for stage two: implementation. In this stage, the new models are executed and automated by integrating new technologies (such as social networks, mobility, BigData, Cloud or the Internet of things).

Finally, you only have to evaluate the results. That is, monitor the objectives met. In this level there are also two sub-stages: the stage of analysis and advanced learning, in which operational excellence and innovation are sought, so the pillars of business, organization, data and processes must be studied. On the other hand, the stage of continuous improvement, this allows the digital model of the company to be profitable, sustainable and to face the changing environment.
The digital transformation represents a permanent innovation that allows us to face the changes of the globalized world. Do not wait long before starting this process.

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