5 technologies you must know to optimize your business

It is currently difficult for companies to remain competitive in an environment that is constantly changing and updating, but implementing new technologies can keep them at the forefront and with great efficiency.

These are 5 technologies that you must know to optimize your business:


Multicloud or hybrid Cloud

Now we can all be sure of the benefits of the cloud; however, among the models of this, the hybrid is the favorite of many for its agility in addressing digital transformation processes. It is expected that this year the Multicloud or hybrid cloud will grow, since it is estimated that 60% of workloads run in the cloud, compared to 45% in 2017.

There is greater use of public cloud if a great performance is required. The use of private Cloud technology is used for sensitive workloads. By combining these models, balance is given to the management of needs. That is why it allows companies to be more agile in adapting to the new needs of digitalization.


Although there is often confusion with these technologies, we can agree that DevOps is a software development methodology based on the integration between software developers and system administrators. Its function is to manufacture software faster, with higher quality, lower cost and high frequency of releases.

Totally clear, right?

Big Data in Cloud

It is true: Big Data is not a novelty, since almost all companies have sought to invest in this technology; However, the latest market movements point out that the future of Big Data is in the Cloud. According to Garrido, Zaforas, Fiz, Asencio and Gómez (2018)1: The big technology manufacturers in the cloud are offering services on demand, which allows to reduce the time-to-market and have large resources for a limited time paying just for the use we make of them.


Sure you’ve heard about the Internet of things; this refers to a system of interrelated computing devices, digital machines, objects, animals or people that have unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data through a network. Imagine that when you go to the super, your refrigerator sends to your mail what is needed: that is IoT.

Cloud Machine Learning

This technology has become a trend because it is a managed service that allows developers and data scientists to create superior automatic learning models for production. The experts2 assure that cloud technology manufacturers are offering solutions that simplify the process of training and production of machine learning models, which will allow many companies to have access to this technology.

Baltazar Rodríguez, the creator of the electronic invoice, says: “What is really relevant is not necessarily to understand technology, but to understand what technology can do for us.”

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