The Point of Sale System: your first step in the digital transformation

There is a lot of information about the high impact of point of sale systems in retail stores, but do you know what they are? It is a combination of software and hardware tools that allows business managers to perform daily transactions easily while retaining key information from the day-to-day operation. These systems simplify key business operations, also speed up the business process by automating manual tasks; they prepare sales reports and allow you to have stock control from an inventory module. Among other advantages for business, retailers may benefit from the management of clients to be in contact and implement marketing actions and also the management of employees to keep track of schedules and payments.

According to a study that sought to describe the factors that sustain the success of retailers (2012) “Information technology has become the most important tool that the retailer must have to be more efficient, reduce costs, raise the level of customer service and, above all, having valuable information about the market and its finances, this, as a competitive advantage”.

Additionally, the study concludes that the main retailers have a high volume of customer information on their purchasing preferences based on these technologies; this information is used to reinforce the relationship of retailers with clients and thus improve the productivity of their marketing and better management of their inventories.

However, it is perceived that there are still many companies that do not take the step towards POS systems, due to fear, because it is a change that sometimes seems to be risky because there is not enough information to understand its operation and its advantages.

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